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About Us

We're here to help you increase your reach and impact. We love working with a diverse client list of nonprofits and businesses we believe in wholeheartedly to help them start and grow projects & businesses that make a difference. We're known for our strong & elegant designs combined with an intentional approach to modern marketing. It's important to us to present each client’s unique story in the most compelling and faithful way possible.

We provide brand development, logo design, print collateral, website design, and all-around bright, creative ideas. 

We also offer affordable options for starter businesses and projects as well, because we know most change starts with small steps.



We couldn’t be more pleased!  Our site is fast, smart & useful.  I feel a great sense of pride about it and send people to it all the time.  It’s truly an integral part of how we tell our story to our prospective clients.

— Mike Stoneking, SvS Architects


Nathalie Pincham

Creative Director & Founder

Nathalie Pincham  |   Brightworks Studio

I launched this business to provide high quality design and consulting services for purpose-driven individuals and organizations. Because I love working with people who are motivated to drive positive change in this world.

(You can read more about my commitment to building a business with heart by clicking here.)

I have helped clients define and achieve their business goals through a dynamic process of strategic planning, good design, and development planning.

I bring extensive experience in digital and print design, communications, as well as nonprofit management and development. My team are passionate about design and have a genuine interest in bringing their great skills and dedication to their work.

What I know for sure:

I know it takes courage to start something with the hope of creating positive change. I also know that anyone wanting to see results needs a strong online presence and a clear development plan.

Brightworks is here to help you do it.


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Do you know a project or organization that would benefit from our help? If so, please nominate them for our pro bono services! To get things started, email us by clicking here.



Brightworks Studio clients & friends have the option to contribute to a fund which will support our pro bono work for social good projects & non profits.

With that in mind, Brightworks Studio will match every dollar that is donated. You give $150, we'll give $150 worth of studio time, essentially doubling the value of each contribution. If you’d like to help us start building our donation fund, follow us on social media or make a contribution!



Become a Partner

Want to expand your reach and work together on our pro bono projects? If you are a creative professional, you know our work serves to increase reach and impact. If you want to join forces to help out on our pro bono projects, email Nathalie- can't wait to hear from you!

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