donation fund

Brightworks Studio clients & friends have the option to contribute to a fund which will support our pro bono work for social good projects & non profits.

With that in mind, Brightworks Studio will match every dollar that is donated. You give $150, we'll give $150 worth of studio time, essentially doubling the value of each contribution. If you’d like to help us start building our donation fund, follow us on social media or make a contribution!



Do you know a project or organization that would benefit from our help? If so, please nominate them for our pro bono services! To get things started, email us by clicking here.


Become a Partner

Want to expand your reach and work together on our pro bono projects? If you are a creative professional, you know our work serves to increase reach and impact. If you want to join forces to help out on our pro bono projects, email Nathalie- can't wait to hear from you!

Brightworks Project


We are in the initial stages of building a community for people interested in living & working with intention and purpose. Our intention is to promote opportunities and leadership in people who want to make a positive impact on the world.

Visit the new website here:

what we're building:

Membership to this new community will provide:

  • support & connection (& fun!)
  • a unique directory of services & service providers
  • support for promoting & launching your project
  • access to courses & group challenges
  • teaching possibilities for mentors
  • & more (of course!)